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Example of a Homebrew Beer

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Tell the world about your recipe.

Give the beer lovers an idea of how your beer tastes and include further details of the actual production.

When inserting your beer, you will be asked to choose a category, which means the type of the beer your brewing. Of course, you can instead set it as Free Style.

Very important: at the end of the product insertion, you’ll find a section called Attributes, where you’ll be asked to add the countries you would be willing to ship your beers to. Include only your own country in case you’re only willing to deliver personally.

1 review for Example of a Homebrew Beer

  1. GuteGuten Manager

    Take full advantage of the beer rating tool! Not only the beer lovers of GuteGuten are allowed to review your beers, but also your friends, family and customers.

    So, use the share buttons above to invite people to contribute with their ratings.

    The more and better ratings your beers get, the better are their ranking at GuteGuten, improving the chances for them to stand out in the beer directory of the platform. Remember, more exposure, more donations!

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General Enquiries

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  1. 23/09/2019

    Beer lovers can use this tool to send the homebrewers questions about the beers, the delivery, etc.:

    " Would your beer sample be available at 01.11 to pick up at your place?"

    When answering a customer enquiry,  you have the option to let it show up in the beer page. To do that, please be sure to set the check box "Stick at Product Page" (click here to see an image)