How much
are you into beer?

We are developing the first global digital platform for homebrewers and beer lovers to connect and collaborate in order to share their passion and taste great beers that simply can’t be found at the supermarket!

Our purpose is to promote and expand worldwide homebrewing initiatives. 

And that is only possible with people willing to share! 

Answer our survey and share some information about your passion for beer with us!

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Join the sharing economy

We are experiencing a new way to consume products and services, one that is more social oriented than the strict pursuing of profits.We want to make it possible for homebrewers to share beer surpluses and raise donations to support their work. 

Appreciate slow beer

We value products made with care, dedication and passion. Homebrewing emphasizes regional characters, quality ingredients and above all appreciation for the experience. GuteGuten is mining the unrevealed territory of homebrew beers. 

Think global, act local

 We are looking forward to exploring the world, discovering different cultures, different tastes, different ways of thinking. We still want to strengthen and support our local community though. So we’ll make it happen with a global platform that allows people to support other people around them. 

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