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Are you a homebrewer?​

In only a few steps you can register as a certified homebrewer.
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Are you a homebrewer?​​

In only a few steps you can register as a certified homebrewer.  It’s free!

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Taste. Share. Support.

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world and has been around since prehistoric times. After a longtime supremacy of the industrial standardized beer production, a new market emerged in the world of brewing: the HOMEBREW beers.

In the minute you’re reading this, there is someone brewing an incredible and unique beer next to you.

Our purpose is to promote and expand worldwide homebrewing initiatives. We provide both homebrewers and beer lovers with tools to connect and collaborate, in order to share their passion and taste great beers that simply can’t be found at the supermarket.

Our concept

Order free samples

Taste unique fresh artisanal beers brewed and shared by homebrewers near you. 

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Give your feedback of the beers you taste and help the brewers to improve their recipes.

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Support the homebrewing activity by donating money to the homebrewers you like.

Our philosophy

Take part in the sharing economy

With the evolution of the web-based technology, we have been experiencing a new way to consume products and services, one that is more social oriented than the strict pursuing of profits.
GuteGuten is part of a initiative to derive solutions from the notion that mutual parties can share value from an underused skill or asset.  We make it possible for homebrewers to share beer surpluses and raise donations to support their work. 

Appreciate slow beer

We are no longer satisfied with the mass production and what the standardized homogeneous industrial products have to offer us.  We value products made with care, dedication and passion. This is an essential part of homebrewing. It emphasizes regional characters, quality ingredients and above all appreciation for the experience. GuteGuten is mining the unrevealed territory of homebrew beers. 

Think global, act local

We want to travel the world, to connect, to unite. We are looking forward to discovering different cultures, different tastes, different ways of thinking. At the same time, we also want to strengthen and support our local community. We put that in practice with a global platform that allows people to support other people around them. 

Seek genuine connections

We are looking for friendship, brotherhood, fraternity.  We are pursuing true bonds, based on kindness, honesty and compassion. And if you’re a beer lover, you know that the best way to connect with people and have deep, interesting conversations is… having a beer together! So, don’t hesitate to use GuteGuten as a tool to connect to people who share your same values and passion and make new friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription to the platform is free. You can navigate all the tools without paying any fee. 
When you make a donation we charge a transaction fee to cover for the costs of the platform.
When you order a beer sample you might be charged a delivery fee, which varies depending of the place of origin and destination (the beer samples are free, you are charged only the cost of shipment from our logistic partner, no additional fees). If you arrange with the homebrewer to collect it yourself, you don’t pay any delivery fee. 

You just need to go to the link “register as a homebrewer” and follow our certification process. It’s free.

 Each donation is converted into a gift voucher of one of our partner homebrewing supplies store for the personal use of the homebrewer.

Generally speaking, homebrewing is illegal with intent to sell or if sold for profit. We propose an alternative model. The beers are shared by the homebrewers themselves, for free. You can chose to donate money to the homebrewers you like, of your own free will.

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